David Spellman, Esq. Marital Mediator

If you are trying to save your marriage, Marital Mediation can actually help!


Say What?  How can an Attorney Mediator save a marriage?  Most people think that a mediator's job is to divide up the assets and that an attorney's goal is to stir up more

conflict in order to run up the bill.


Not David Spellman.  He is an Attorney and Mediator whose mission is to try his best to save your marriage - if it can be saved - and to tell you if it cannot.  He no longer does divorce mediation (nor does he do divorce) so there is no conflict of interest here!


If he - and both of you - think the marriage can be saved, David Spellman will work with you for a few sessions to get your relationship back on track.



David Spellman, Esq.

6 Automation Lane, Suite 118  Albany, NY 12205   518-362-6549