David Spellman, Esq. Marital Mediator

If you are trying to save your marriage, Marital Mediation can actually help!


Say What?  How can an Attorney Mediator save a marriage?  Most people think that a mediator's job is to divide up the assets and that an attorney's goal is to stir up more

conflict in order to run up the bill.


Not David Spellman.  He is an Attorney and Mediator whose mission is to try his best to save your marriage - and to do it for the very affordable flat fee of $600.  All included, for as many sessions as it takes to make your marriage better.  (The typical couple needs five or six 55-minute sessions).


Why not go to marriage counseling instead of mediation?  Because you have tried it and it didn't work.  Time to try a different approach.



David Spellman, Esq.

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