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Mediation to Resolve Conflicts & Stay Married

Divorce Mediation

The Choice is Up to You

You Can Decide as the Mediation Proceeds

Like many couples at this point, you feel like you just want to end it and get out - with the least pain possible. You have suffered enough. Marital Mediation can help you to decide what your options are.


If there were the possibility of keeping the marriage together through good communication and conflict resolution skills, then perhaps you would choose that option.  Especially after you learned what the scenario would look like should you divorce (finances, child custody, etc).


Many people choose the option of staying together via Marital Mediation because of their spiritual beliefs and values.  Especially when Marriage Counseling either did not work or is not enough.


On the other hand, sometimes conflicts just cannot be resolved and an amicable divorce might be the best option.  In this case you would not want war. You would want an arrangement that is best for you and for your children. This is where Divorce Mediation comes in.


The choice is entirely up to both of you.  David Spellman, Esq. can help you peacefully  through the process of deciding and of settling things, whichever way you choose to go.



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